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New Household Ozone Generator with Air Water Purifiers

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High quality apricot shell activated carbon water treatment, peach shell, walnut shell, husk as raw materials such as jujube shell, activated carbon carbonization, activation, superheated steam catalytic refining process, the appearance of black amorphous particles, the series production and processing technology into an activated carbon. With abrasion resistance, developed porosity, adsorption high-performance, high strength, easy regeneration, economic and durable, etc., are now widely used in domestic, industrial, liquid adsorption, activated carbon water treatment, air purification activated carbon. Especially suitable for power plants, petrochemical, refinery, textile printing and dyeing, food and beverage, pharmaceutical active carbon, electronic high water, drinking water, industrial water reuse and other industries. More effective adsorption of free chlorine, phenol, sulfur, oil, colloid, pesticide residues and other organic contaminants, chlorine, dechlorination half the value, and the organic solvent recycling.


1, water purification drinking water, purified drinking water standards prescribed by the State

2, it can be widely used in industrial water and urban sewage, treated water quality indicators up to an emission standard:

3, clean paper, printing and dyeing industry wastewater, with less, bleaching effect is good, the treated water can be reused.

4, purification of wastewater containing lead, chromium, cadmium sulfide, and sewage, treated water can meet emission standards.

5, purification flotation tailings overflow red water, industrial water treatment water do.

6, the fluorine-containing raw water purification, wastewater, oil field injection water and kerosene oil-water separation plant, its purifying effect is more significant.

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