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Sodium Hypochlorite (10% to 15%)

Product Details

Place of Origin:Shandong
Brand Name:
Certification:CE, ISO
Model Number:(10%

Payment Terms

Min.Order Quantity:1
Price:$1,320.00-$1,780.00/ Metric Ton
Payment Terms:D/A,L/C

Product Description


  1. High sweetness, 8000-12000 times sweetness than cane sugar
  2. No Calorie, without leading to put weight
  3. Pure tastes like sugar and without unpleasant aftertaste
  4. Absolutely safe to human body and suitable for all kinds of people
  5. Without leading to tooth decay or dental plaque

Better than Bleach: Use Calcium Hypochlorite to Disinfect Water

May 4, 2005 - Typical fresh household chlorine bleach has about 5.35% chlorine content (be sure to read the label). To use household bleach for disinfecting 

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It's actually a safe and effective way to make drinking water. How? purifywaterwithbleach. Your standard household chlorine bleach will kill almost all types of 

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Common household bleach contains a chlorine compound that will disinfect water. The treated water should be mixed thoroughly and allowed to stand, preferably 

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Sep 7, 2017 - Disinfect water using household bleach, if you can't boil water. Only use regular, unscented chlorine bleach products that are suitable for 

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Oct 31, 2012 - Just add the same amount of bleach, and wait for another 15 minutes. Check again for the chlorine odor before drinking the water

Adding some bleach helps make water safe to use

Adding some bleach helps make water safe to use. If tap water is clear: 1. Use bleach that does not have an added scent (like lemon). 2.Add 1/8 teaspoon (8 

Clorox Bleach for Emergency Water Purification

When the tap water stops flowing, Regular Clorox Bleach isn't just a laundry-aid, it's a lifesaver. Use it to purify water, and you'll have something to drink

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Often, the use of chlorine is combined with other purification systems such as filtration and ultra violet treatments. All you have to do is sniff your water tap water – 

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Using bleach to to disinfect water in tanks. You can use regular household bleach (approximately 5% chlorine) or commercial bleach products (approximately 

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