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Portable 300mg/H Air and Water Purifier Ozone Generator

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Place of Origin:Shandong
Brand Name:
Model Number:300mg/H

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Min.Order Quantity:1
Price:$850.00-$1,100.00/ Metric Ton
Payment Terms:L/C,T/T

Product Description


Chlorine dioxide can control bacteria, viruses, algae, fungus and some gazes responsible for bad smell like methane . Closed areas like dressing, etc… can be disinfected easily. Also Chlorine dioxide have an effective answer for refrigerators, cold room, food production, frozen work stations treatment without risk on bacterial contamination.

chlorine dioxide  offers solution to control bacteria and virus infections. Also chlorine dioxide  can be used for cars air conditioning disinfection. Airtab is suitable to treat big areas with high air debit like airport, hospitals, stations, offices, etc…
Useful for air conditioning disinfection. For examples in tours after cleaning of ducting chlorine dioxide can be released inside to disinfect and prevent the mold and bacteria re-contamination. chlorine dioxide is used for fruits transportation eliminating the gases who mix between the fruits and giving a longer life to the fruits controlling the bacteria development.

Trichloro-isocyanuric acid Chlorine Tablets can be used instead of liquid chlorine or hypochlorite for circulating cooling water systems. Its killing effect is 100 times that of chlorine, and can adapt to the alkaline water treatment environment of the circulating cooling water system. It has excellent killing effect to various bacteria and algae. The product of reaction with water C3O3N3H3 is hypochlorous acid. Stabilizer does not decompose the extremely unstable hypochlorous acid. Therefore, it is a good bactericide and algicide for industrial water treatment. The dosing method is generally an impact type dosing in a sump.

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Yes. Household chlorine bleach kills most pathogens. Do not use scented bleaches, colour-safe bleaches, bleaches with added cleaners or non-chlorine bleach 

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