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Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate Tablets for Water Purification

Product Details

Place of Origin:Shandong
Brand Name:
Certification:CE, ISO
Model Number:

Payment Terms

Min.Order Quantity:1
Price:$400.00 - $650.00 / Metric Ton
Payment Terms:L/C,D/A

Product Description

It is white or grayish white, granular powdered solid with the special pungent oder, being corrosive and toxic. When it reacts with organic substance and oils, it brings about the combustion and explosion because of violent decomposition.Efficient disinfectant and bleaching agent, it can whiten cotton,hemp,fibre, and starch,
also can sterilize drinking water and swimming pool.


1.As a disinfectant, it is widely used in the field of disease prevention, health care, animals aquaculture,

as well as plant protection and other industries.

2.It is used for drinking water disinfection, industrial water disinfection, tableware disinfection, swimming

pool disinfection, livestock, poultry, fish breeding disinfection, environmental disinfection, and regular disinfection

of infectious diseases and preventive sterilization.

3.It can also be used for wool shrink-proof textile bleaching, killing alga of industrial circulating water, rubber chlorinating .

Packaging & Shipping

1. 25kg/Plastic woven bag, 1000kg/Plastic woven bag;
2. 25kg/plastic barrel, 50kg/ plastic barrel;
3. 50kg/ fiber barrel(can be customized)

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