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Good quality Wood Powder Mesh Activated Carbon for Oil Bleaching Chemicals

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Product Description

Product Description

series of activated white clay has strong adsorption capacity,low rate of oil,high activetion,easy sedimentation and filtration,low return of acid rate.The products are widely applied to the petroleum chemical industry,medicine,grease chemical,animal and vegetable oil purification,and it can effectively remove the pigments in the edible vegetable oil,kanamycin,and peculiar smell.As a decoloring agent,it is also widely used in soap,plastiic,resin,paint,detargent powder,food,brewing and other industrial production.As an adsorbent,it is also widely use in the organic phosphorus,organic sulfur,aflatoxins and other harmful substances removal process.It can make the olefin polmerization synthesis of high grade lubricating grease,and it also has good function in the aspect of radioactive wasted water treatment.

1. Tap water, water towers, wells, water supply, food and beverage production water treatment.
2. Process water, industrial circulating water, air-conditioning water disinfection and removal algae.
3. Fisheries and Livestock Farming in the industry, sterilization and water treatment.
4. Meat, vegetables and fruits, sterilization, preservation, corrosion, particularly eaten directly fruits and vegetables for a better effect.
5. Food, pharmaceutical and other industries pipes, containers and industrial equipment of surface disinfection; Production environment and air sterilization, mildew, odor.
6. Public environment, disinfection, mold and odor.
7. Food production, retail, medical and health industries operator's hand, footwear, clothing, utensils, disinfection.
8. The hospital medical devices, equipment and environment, disinfection, sterilization mildew.


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